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Nathan "Zigzag" Harper

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Nathan is almost always seen with (ли's Character), although it's not exactly sure why. Both claim he is her "manager", but he looks more like she picked him off the streets. He is certainly very protective of her, so is he actually her bodyguard? Secret lover? Both? No-one seems to really know.

When asked, he is quite liberal about his past. He grew up in Boston (what anyone American could tell from his accent), but in the mid-2070s he moved to Neo-Tokio for a while, which is still reflected somewhat in his clothing style. He says he was very good with "matrix stuff", with a wink and a smile, obviously implying that he might have done a few shady things in the past, but always adding "...but that's in the past now", pointing to his head, where seemingly a datajack was removed. And he certainly doesn't seem to have any other visible cyberware about him. Or weapons, for that matter.

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